Wunderlist Web App with Firefox for Linux

Screeshot Wunderlist Firefox

Screeshot Wunderlist Firefox

Just recently I was going to try Wunderlist. Until now I’m using several Apps for scheduling my ToDos. For example I think, asana is a good solution for software development. But now I’m searching for a simpler ToDo List to manage daily common tasks. So I’m landing on the website of Wunderlist. The features look great for me.

I’ve installed the Android-App and was pleased about the simple and intuitive interface. After “playing around” on my desktop, I remember to add a new task via my PC. So I went again to the Wunderlist website to download an App for my desktop.

The headline says “Download Wunderlist on all your devices“. But I rub my eyes in disbelief! Wunderlist offers downloads only for Windows and Mac. However, all my devices are Linux! Several Desktops, Netbook and Laptops.

The Wunderlist Support-Center leads me to the community forum. There, I was writing that the claim “Download Wunderlist on all your devices” is misleading. Still on the same day, one of the “Wunderkinder”, Scott from the Wunderlist Support Staff answered:

We were working on creating a Linux version of our app, and I’m sorry to say that we stopped developing a separate Linux version in 2014 when we switched from Wunderlist 2 to Wunderlist 3, which included a complete overhaul of the app….Alternatively we recommend using the web app which works in every browser on www.wunderlist.com.

I callend the web app in Firefox 49.0.2 for Linux ubuntu 16.04, but it ending up in a “loop”. Firefox loaded several urls again and again. Nothing showed in the browser window. Maybe, there can be an issue with the privacy-mode of the browser? Yes! That’s confirmed by the Wunderlist support. But can it be really a solution, to deactivate privacy-mode?

As Albert in the comments mentioned, there is a free wrapper for Wunderlist to use on Linux desktops. Give it a try! Save this code in a plane text file, for example install.sh, make it executable and run the script from a terminal. It will install the wrapper as an “App” on your desktop.

Special thanks to Eva-Maria for assisting in english.

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